Mermaid Oceanus Dress

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No glitter is used. Bring your child’s imagination to life with this sparkling all-in-one dress-up set that'll have her feeling like a creature of the sea. The Oceanus mermaid dress is for kids aged 1-7 who prefers the feel of sea salt in their hair and the sound of ocean waves in their ears. Make any day a day of frolicking “under the sea!”

Simple & Awesome (The Way Dress-Up Should Be)

A little girl’s closet can never have too many dress-up items. Not only do they make for great photos, but they also help your child develop her imagination and personality. Our Oceanus dress is a perfect example of how a dress can be magical yet simple enough for daily wear - your little girl could wear this mermaid dress costume to school, to a play-date and to sleep if she really wanted to! With sequins and flashy disco circles galore, this Ariel-inspired number helps your child bring a marine-themed party wherever she goes.

Shop The Mermaid Dress For Kids

Your child’s next Halloween, dress-up play sesh or trip to Disneyland is about to be her best yet. Bring home the Oceanus dress today and don’t forget to get a lovely crown or tiara to match!

Material: Cotton and Polyester

Size Age Chest (inches) Waist (inches)
3 3 22.00 21.25
4 4 22.75 21.50
5 5 23.50 22.00
6 6 24.25 22.50
7 7 25.00 23.50
8 8 26.75 24.00
10 10 28.25 25.25
12 12 30.00 26.00

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