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Our Lola reversible dress is perfect for playdates, school days, and any other occasion when your little girl wants to wear a twirling, whirling dress. The Sunflower Swirl dress boasts a stunning spinning skirt that bells out every time she pirouettes. She'll spin just like a little top every time she wears her new frock. Because Sara Dresses knows that little girls love to frolic and play regardless of what they have on, we have a dress that will carry her through every cartwheel and game of tag.

On the Reverse

The most important thing you should know about the Lola Sunflower Swirl reversible dress is that it is, indeed, reversible. Turn it one way and it pops with a gorgeous pink and purple palette. The twirling skirt features a groovy swirl design in shades of purple that's perfectly offset by the pink bodice and the trim around the skirt. The dress comes with a cute pair of shorts in the same swirling pattern. They allow your little girl to romp and run all she likes.

Reverse the dress and everything is different! Now your lovely lady has a navy blue and yellow dress. The spinning skirt is fresh and bright thanks to a pattern of happy sunflowers. Those cute shorts flip inside out, too, to reveal a matching sunflower print. Your little girl will get two new dresses in one! That's fun for her and fantastic for mom.

Find a reversible dress that allows her to swirl and see her twirling to her heart's content, and get it at Sara Dresses today!

Softest fabric for maximum comfort.

Machine washable.
Stretchy Knit Polyester 95%/Spandex 5%

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