What Is the Right Time to Buy Flower Girls Dresses?

Jul 27, 2018

What Is the Right Time to Buy Flower Girls Dresses?

If your daughter has been selected to be a flower girl at a wedding, the chances are that you’re super excited. Once the fanfare wanes, it is high time to start the hunt for the perfect cute girls clothing for your little princess. Remember she deserves to look fab and perhaps steal some limelight from the lady of the day. If the bride is like the rest of us, she’ll probably allow you (the parent) to buy the flower girl dress

Which begs the question: when’s the right time to purchase flower girls dresses?

Contrary to common belief, there’s actually a wrong time to purchase a dress for your little one. You see, if you buy it too early, your little princess might outgrow the dress before the actual date. Remember your daughter is at that stage when she is growing fast.

If you purchase the flower girl dress way too close to the big, you risk the chance of the shipment arriving too late and exchanges may not be possible. Even worse, the retailer can run out of stock.

How will You Buy the Flower Girl Dress?

The perfect time to order little girls designer clothes for your daughter largely depends on how you plan to shop for the dress.

If you are planning to shop for the dress from an online store, you can expect it to arrive within one or two weeks of making your order. The trick is to use an online store like that carries a vast selection and a massive inventory. This way, you’re certain you’ll find the right cute girls clothing for your little one. More importantly, you can rest assured you’ll get the dress within two weeks of ordering.

If you shop for the flower girl dress at a local shop, you're looking at significant delays, lack of variety, and high prices, especially if you’ll need a custom order. 

Exchanges and Alterations

You’ll also have to give some room for alterations and exchanges, which is usually 1-3 weeks for each call.


Order the flower girl dress 5-8 weeks prior to the big day if you buy online. For local retail stores, try ordering 8-10 weeks in advance.