The Secret to Picking the Picture-Perfect Flower Girl Dresses:

2018 Feb 17th

The Secret to Picking the Picture-Perfect Flower Girl Dresses:

The wedding season’s here! Sure, you’ve picked an absolute best date, fabulous wedding gown, and snagged a beautiful venue for your big day. But, have you decided what to put your gorgeous flower girl in? You see, there are a ton of factors that go into picking the perfect flower girl dress. You’ve to think about the color, formality style, size, wrinkle factor, comfort, length, fitting, season, fabric quality, and, above all, your budget. It’s never an easy task.

Consider the following 5 simple tips to choose a picture- perfect dress for your flower girl, and let the little one have her moments in the limelight.

#1. Start Off with the Formality Style

Bridal party’s littlest member, the flower girl is no doubt the sweetest, cutest, and best-dressed. When it comes to choosing the right flower girl dress, there are simply no rules that dictate what’s proper. That means, as a bride, you've got an absolute free reign over the choice of style. So, don’t be afraid to be a bit playful to add a touch of flair to your wedding day glamor and style.

#2. Next Up is the Color

Most brides, however, go for a flower girl dress that merges well with the overall aesthetics of the wedding. Perhaps you can opt for ivory or white frock that borrows a leaf from the bride’s dress. Or better yet, choose something that mimics the hue of your bridesmaids’ dresses.

#3. Ask Her Opinion

If you are feeling a little adventurous about the color or style of your flower girl dress, why not ask for her opinion? Little girls like to act as big girls and they want to look the best too! After all it’s their day too and they want to cherish these memories for the lifetime so weigh their likes and opinions.

#4. Pick What’s Right for the Season

On-season fashion isn’t hard to decipher. Often, a flower girl dress with short sleeves is spot on for summer weddings. If it’s cold outside, add a cardigan or tights to complete the look.

#5. Consider One Size Up

The chances are that your flower girls will grow between the time you order and the wedding day. That’s why it pays to order girl dresses that are a size up from what they are currently wearing. Girls do grow up fast. Otherwise, order them sensibly close to the big day or choose a style which has flexibility and room